Who We Are

The Mission of the Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce is to promote a vibrant business climate and economy while enhancing the quality of life within our surrounding community.

It's a new day in Alpharetta, and we are honored to play an instrumental role in building our City’s business identity. The Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce was established in 2013 and has grown as quickly as the community we serve. We strive to be reflective of Alpharetta — supportive, innovative, engaging and dynamic. Our advocacy efforts, networking events and economic development initiatives ensure our business community is positioned for continued
growth and success.

Our Value

We make it personal

We want to be a resource for your success, whether that's professional
development to support your career goals or connecting you with
partners to expand your business.

Big ideas for small businesses

Many entrepreneurs work so hard IN their business, they don't take the
time to work ON it. We want to provide affordable training and resources, so small business owners have access to big ideas.

A rising tide lifts all boats

We use our community influence to champion business-friendly initiatives so that Alpharetta continues to be an environment in which business can thrive.

Our Team


Executive Board

Board of Directors