Letter from the President

Alpharetta may be your home, where you work, or where you enjoy dining, shopping and entertainment… maybe all of these. In whatever way you engage in the community of Alpharetta, you are in one of the fastest growing, technology-expanding and naturally beautiful cities in the country!

With its breathtaking beauty and growth, you will find this is the destination for many new residents and businesses. With Southern Living magazine listing Alpharetta among the top 15 Friendliest Towns in the South, what more could you ask for? That’s where the Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce brings it all together.

As the CEO/President of the Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce, I am honored to serve this vibrant and growing business community which is unique in so many ways. As the “Technology City of the South”, we’re home to more than 700+ technology-based corporations enjoying one of the most robust and redundant fiber infrastructure networks in the southeast, along with a series of redundant electric/power networks. With more than 20 million square feet of office space, you will connect to a community of supporting businesses and entrepreneurs that, working together, will continue to strengthen this sustainable network.

At the Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce, serving our business community is top-priority. Our mission, from inception, has been to promote community, encourage affinity and ignite prosperity in the spirit of “cardio-commerce.” We are the heartbeat of the Alpharetta business community! We keep our finger on the pulse of this network by knowing where the heart of each business is and providing resources, education and communication to make sure they grow stronger every day. You will experience powerful educational events and do business in ways you never thought of with fun and creative social events. Opportunities abound for you to gain visibility in the business community as well as get connected and serve in many ways.

Together we can learn – we can inspire -we can grow – we can empathize – we can energize! These are the qualities of businesses we welcome every day into the Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said “To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” With all of the decisions you make each and every day, we are confident that joining the Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce will be one of the easiest and most rewarding. We look forward to earning your trust; we look forward to celebrating your success!

Let’s make the best of a great situation!

Nancy Hoehn, MA, DTM
Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce